Beat it! US Qualifier
Beat it! US Qualifier
Posted Sunday, September 1st, 2013

If you aren't aware, the European Qualifiers are already in a full swing. Along with that, the qualifier for players from the United States is announced.

MSI Beat it! US Open Qualifier will take place on the 8th of September. It will be open for 64 teams from the USA. The two finalists of this event will enter the main USA qualifier consisting of 8 teams. The main USA qualifier will be played in league format, more about the structure will be explained later.

The winner of the main US qualifier will earn a slot in the final event in China. The final event will feature a $22,000 prize pool where the winner will take $10,000 and the second finalist will get $7,000. The third placed team will get $5,000. Five MSI GE70 high-end gaming laptops will be given to the winners of the event as an additional prize.
The tournament is limited to 64 slots and is open for everyone. In order to participate the tournament you will have to check during the period which is mentioned below. The first 64 teams to check-in will participate in the tournament. The Main Qualifier will take place from the 10th-15th of September and the winner will earn $2,000 and go directly to MSI Beat it! World Finals in China. The whole event will be covered in multiple languages.

MSI Beat it! US Open Qualifier will begin on the 8th of September. Check-in will start at 17:00 EST and last until 18:00 EST. After that we will form a single elimination bracket with all the checked-in teams and matches will be underway from 18:00 EST. Best-of-one matches will be played throughout the tournament. Here is the full schedule for the open Qualifier:

  • - Date: September 8th
  • - Check-in: 17:00-18:00 EST
  • - Ro64: 18:00 EST
  • - Ro32: 19:00 EST
  • - Ro16: 20:00 EST
  • - Ro8: 21:00 EST
  • - Semi-Finals: 22:00 EST
  • - Finals: 23:00 EST


Meet up Channel: #msibeatit

(Quakenet on mIRC)

The Main US Qualifier will consist of 8 teams. Two groups with 4 teams will lead into single elimination playoffs, where the top placed teams in both groups will find themselves placed directly into the semi-finals, while the 2nd placed teams will face 3rd placed teams in the quarter-finals. Winner of the qualifiers will secure a spot for the final event in China.

Out of these 8 teams, 6 of them are invited, while two teams will be determined through 64 team qualifiers, which will be open for all participants. First of all, here is the list of invitees so far:

  • - 1. Curse
  • - 2. Homeless
  • - 3. Complexity
  • - 4. TBD
  • - 5. TBD
  • - 6. TBD
  • - 7. Team 1 (Qualifier)
  • - 8. Team 2 (Qualifier)

Here is the full schedule of the US Main Qualifier:
  • - 10th September: Group #1
  • - 11th September: Group #2
  • - 14th September: Quarter + Semi Finals
  • - 15th September: Finals