MSI Beat It! APAC Qualifier: inchk1ng are Victorious
MSI Beat It! APAC Qualifier: inchk1ng are Victorious
Posted Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

MSI Beat It! APAC Qualifer
Final Standings:
1. inchk1ng - $1,000 + $2,500 Travel Support
2. G Milk Club
3/4. I <3 Taiwan

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The MSI Beat it! Asian Pacific qualifier will kick off on the 11th of October. The sign up period will commence on the 30th of September and continue until the 11th of October, 18:00 CST (China Standard Time Zone). Once again we will have a completely open tournament, which means the event is open to professional and amateur teams. The event will run in single-elimination bracket format and come down to one team who will advance to the main MSI Beat it! Finals in the lovely city of Beijing, China.

Teams from Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea are eligible to sign up, all teams not coming from those regions are not eligible to play in the qualifier.

For the winner, they will not only receive a seed into the main MSI Beat it! Finals, but they will also earn themselves $1,000 prize money and $2,500 in travel support.

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