MSI Beat It! Chinese Open Qualifier
MSI Beat It! Chinese Open Qualifier
Posted Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

The MSI Beat It! Chinese qualifier will kick off on the 27th September. But in order to participate in the tournament, you must sign up before midnight (00:00 CST) on 25th of September on the official 5eplay page. Once again we will have a completely open tournament. The top 3 from the open event will move onto the Main Chinese Qualifier for the MSI Beat It! series. From there the 3 teams will join another 5 invited teams to fight for 2 spots at the Finals of MSI Beat it! in November.

At the Main Chinese Qualifier, the top two teams will not only earn a spot in the MSI Beat it! finals but they will also receive cash prizes. Finishing first will guarantee you a slot in the main event as well as $1,500 cash and $1,000 travel support. The second place team will earn an extra $750 and $1,000 travel support for the main event. Finally the third place team, they will not advance onto the Finals in November, but they will take home $500 for their efforts.

The Chinese qualifier will run similar to the rest of our events. We will have a completely open tournament so amateurs and professionals can compete side by side. The entire open tournament will be run in single-elimination events with a third place decider. If this interests your team, please don't hesitate to sign up and play! Information on sign-ups can be found below. For a complete list of rules for the Middle East Qualifier, please visit the: MSI Beat it! Rule set


- 11th - 25th September: MSI Beat it! Chinese Open Sign Up Period
- 27th - 29th September: Chinese Main Qualifier
- 4th October: MSI Beat it! Chinese Finals


Map Pool:

- de_dust2_se
- de_inferno_se
- de_train_se
- de_nuke_se
- de_mirage_ce

Main Chinese Qualifier Prize Pool:

- 1st Place: $1,500 + $1,000 Travel Support
- 2nd Place: $750 + $1,000 Travel Support
- 3rd place: $500

In order to participate, you must sign up before Midnight on the 25th of September.


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Finally we would like to thank MSI for making all of this possible! Without them none of this would be happening right now. We hope everyone enjoys the event and enjoys the qualifiers. Best of luck to all participating teams.