MSI Beat it! Qualifier #3 Results
MSI Beat it! Qualifier #3 Results
Posted Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

MSI Beat it! EU Qualifier #

Winners: n!faculty 

Bracket can be found here: Qualifier #3 Bracket.

Today is the third day of MSI Beat it! We're very excited about this event and hope you enjoy the tournament. The third European Qualifier kicks off today, 64 teams are battling it out for a spot in the shootout to advance to the finals in Shanghai, China.

The qualifier will run in a 64 player, single elimination bracket where the format will be best-of-1. The grand finals will switch to a best-of-3 format where the top 2 teams will fight for 1 spot in the shootout. This will be the third of four opportunities for the teams to advance onto the next stage so tune in and have fun!

We would like to thank MSI for everything they have done to make this event possible! We would also like to wish everyone the best of luck competing in the event.