MSI Beat it! US Main: coL wins in Grand Final
MSI Beat it! US Main: coL wins in Grand Final
Posted Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

MSI Beat it! 2013 - Main US Qualifier
Final Standings

1. compLexity 
2. Homeless
3/4. Curse
3/4. Exertus
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 Group A
#1 Europe Curse +18 +9
#2 Europe Exertus -5 +4
#3 Europe Homeless 0 2 -4 +3
#4 Europe RELiABLE 1 2 -+1
Group stage will be BO1
Group B
#1 Europe compLexity 3 0 0 +29 +9
#2 Europe Denial 1 1 1 -5 +4
#3 Europe Frost Gaming 1 0 2 -16 +3
#4 Europe Perffectionvore 0 1 2 -8 +1
Group stage will be BO1

The US open qualifier has come to a close, with the two teams joining the six we already have we now have our final 8 for the Main US Qualifier. Perfectionvore and Exertus eSports will join the likes of Curse, Homeless, and Complexity. 

Participants have been split into two groups featuring four teams each. The group stage will get underway on the 10th of September and will last until the 15th of September. The group stage will be played in best-of-one format and the top 3 teams from each group will advance to best-of-three playoffs. 

The entire group stage will be covered by Fnatic TV and Flxation TV. You can find a complete list of rules for this event at the: MSI Beat it! Rule set